ERB Technology has been authorized to represent Havelsan in business development in Africa. It is the official strategic partner of Havelsan and the Presidency of Defense Industries in the areas of Command Control Defense Technology, Training and Simulation Technologies, National Security and Cyber Security Solutions, and Management Information Systems


Peppers & Rogers is a global firm that works on customer experience in 80 countries of the world. ERB Technology collaborates with Peppers & Rogers in the area of robotic automation in Turkey. ERB Technology is the sole authority of Peppers & Rogers, especially in operations carried out with public institutions.

Certa Scale

Certa Scale is a software solution that does not require large capital and operating expenditure for maintenance, management, development and expansion of infrastructure. It brings the power of a cloud based datacenter operating system into your enterprise. It is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution with an intuitive Drag and Drop User Interface (UI). The program converts your server system into a full-fledged hyper-merged Data Center with Containerization. Certa Scale is completely hardware-agnostic, eliminating dependency on the provider with regards to licenses and offering a less costly solution than competitors.

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